Christmas Card Template II

Another Christmas card. If you like it, it’s easy to make, just download and print!


Let me know what you think =)


Christmas Card Template

Heeyy it’s time for gifts ..and cards! And I made some. If you like them, they are easy to make, just download and print. Let me know what you think =)

download Tree

download Flowers

download Tree

I’m back from England

Squirrel -Staffordshire-

Foothpat to Burnsall

soon Yorkshire Dales..


Mi sono sempre piaciute le ferrovie, con quel senso d’ignoto dietro le curve,
rigide e sicure nella loro parallellità, al contempo misteriose e distanti.
Odore di ferro, i bulloni nella neve, me le immagino solcare luoghi per pochi.


The Birds


Cat t-shirt

black cat

BLACK CAT CLUB.. Proud to be Purrrrrfect !

This is my Cat Design Stock (black n white) with T-shirt, Pad and Mug version, of course.

For people like me, who love Black Kitty =^.^=

My works are available on the Skull Tech alternative shop too, contact me for any questions.
black cat 2